Robert Varik
May 2018
Pymirid Lake
on New Lyman Lure
Robert Having a Great Trip
May 2018
Pymirid Lake
New Lyman Lure
Robert at Lake Tahoe
Nice Macinaw
May 2018
You can see the New Lyman Lure
Robert Virik
June 1, 2018
Priest Lake
Caught on Trixie and Dill Pickle # 80

New Lyman Lures
Catch Fish!
Pike on
Red Dot Frog #81
Hunter Mott
 got his 1st spring trout (6.5lbs.)
 on Lake Okanagan in Can
John Howes
24.4 lb Macinaw
Got the Big One on Lake Ponderay
Pat Harder gets several big fish on new Lyman lures. Models used were Dill Pickle and Red Dot Frog.
June 12 and 13,2018
Mike Hendrix gets nice native rain bow on # 125 Watermelon
Small fish eat them too! About 2lbs on Dill Pickle #80
We ended trip with 30 fish on my boat and 36 on Corkys boat. Most fish came on #80,#81 and #35
Even Monster Pike cannot resist New Lyman
These two were caught on a Lyman Special #16
James getting Walleye and Pike in B C. On New Lyman Thunder plug #156
Cindy Mawson and Whieldon
Catching Salmon, Rock Cod and Ling Cod Limits!! Fish all caught on NEW LYMAN lures!
Mike Walker and his 20lb Salmon
Caught on a #125 Water Melon
Corkey 16 lbs Salmon
Jack 14 lbs Salmon
Gold Beach, Oregon - August 28, 2018
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Paul Kneeland [Fish Sniffer] and partner slay fish at Pyramid opener on LYMAN Lures!!

#80 Dill Pickle, #125 Watermelon and #160 Purple Jesus load the boat with fish to over 11.2 lbs.

Corkys big one was pushing 16 lbs and my big of was 12 to 14. Most the fish we got was on #35 Red Dot and #125 Watermelon. Of course they are all
 NEW LYMAN lures
Croix Baio gets another big one on Red Dot Frog #81
Jim Howe slays fish to 14.4 lbs on Lyman #81 Red Dot Frog
Steve Abeglon
7.6Lb Lahontan
Pyramid Lake
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Our trip to the Umpqua was a success!! Everyone landed at least one Steelhead over 14 lbs.
New 2" Lures are catching fish in all parts of the country and in Canadian Lakes.
Colin Redisky
Showing his catch!
Mike Cambel
Fun in Panama!
New 2" Lyman Lures Catching Beautiful
Trout at Collins Lake and June Lake
Caught at Eagle Lake
in less than a half hour on #122 Bloody Fry